A true story

Touchwood models itself on a very corporate culture by outsourcing most field and support operations, monitored by a very lean and mean team consisting of highly skilled field managers supported by volunteers and interns, mentored by the retired top ranking forest department officials who still insist on giving back to the society. 

Internships and volunteering

Opportunities are open through the year for our projects. Write to us to know more.

Our aim

To bring about a change in the quality of life in the indigenous populations of the Tiger Reserves and help them reduce their dependency on the jungles. 

Our projects

  • Free Daily Dispensaries - providing free medical aid and health care to remote hamlets and villages. 
  • Free Medical Outreach and Health Camps - taking healthcare care to the doorstep and helping the underprivileged lead a healthier life. 
  • Education - helping children build a better future by sponsoring teachers salaries, infrastructure and basic sanitation. 
  • Awareness programs on health, hygiene, sanitation and various government initiatives to help the indigenous population benefit the most out of government sponsored initiatives. 
  • Vocational skills and livelihood projects linked to employment options ensure the local populations reduce their dependency on the jungles. 
  • Micro credit - coming to the aid of the Self Help Groups Fair trade - to maximize returns on their investments (New projects). 



A snake bite victim with no medical help in a remote village in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve was left to wait for the gods to intervene . 

She was identified and brought to the Touchwood Medical Clinic. The untiring efforts of our team of doctors and nurses consecutively for 90 days ensured she is fully recovered and is now leading a normal life. 

No effort is too small nor too late. Join us and help spread the word. They need us. We need to pledge ourselves to their cause. We have. Will you ? 

Actions speak louder than words. Our various projects had helped the tiger reserve win the prestigious national award for "Involvement of Local Communities and Eco Development".


program results

Our health camp and literacy outreach programs benefit thousands of indigenous families in the jungles and their peripheries. Write to us to know more about these programs. 

our model

You  can help in various ways. You can start by spreading the word, supporting our causes, volunteering or interning with us or by simply making a contribution that will help us move forward towards a greener tomorrow. Write to us to know more.