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Touchwood Ecological and Social Foundation, a registered NGO based in Southern India, recognizes the challenges of conservation in the face of modern, global economy and works towards sustainable conservation in ecologically fragile zones. .

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Urgent Projects

Our Mission

Our current projects are on: 


  • Health

  • Education

  • Livelihood

  • Skills Training

  • Protection

Touchwood offers a unique experience in the wild. You will not only learn from our staff, you will be engaged in our activities. You will realize that what we know about nature is but a grain of sand in this vast universe.

Our volunteer opportunities are open to all people worldwide. We are an equal opportunity employer and we believe that every human has something that he / she can do to help.



When you intern at Touchwood, you will work on ground zero, guided by highly experienced and skilled supervisors who have years of experience. Past project database. 

Limitless possibilities.

Find your inner power by helping others

  • Build new clinics and hospitals 

  • Build new school buildings 

  • Repairs to existing schools, medical centers.

  • Create access to education and livelihood

Hope in Action

  • Free Medical Camps in Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve.

  • Free Medical Camps in Anamalai Tiger Reserve. 

  • Free Medical Clinics in all 3 Tiger Reserves.

  • Increase project assistance in Tiger Reserves.